Blue Crescent Schools Sokoto


The cardinal principle upon which our School is founded is to impart knowledge and learning to all men and women of all races without any distinction on the grounds of race, religious or political beliefs. These principles are enshrined in the School Law. Only through freedom of membership and freedom of inquiry and research can a School be drawn into the full ferment of thought from which new knowledge comes. Only if it adheres to those freedoms can it become truly great. If our staff and students are drawn from all parts of the world, then the mixture of international minds working together in an atmosphere of academic freedom can produce the School true to its ideals and meanings.


To advance the frontiers of learning and break new grounds, through teaching, reaserch and the dissemination of knowledge of the highest quality; to establish and foster national and international integration, development and the promotion of African traditions and cultures; to produce high-level human power and enhance capacity-building through retaining, in order to meet the needs and challenges of the catchment area, Nigeria and the rest of the world.